You shall charge the sons of Israel,
                    that they bring you clear oil of beaten olives for the light, to make a lamp burn continually...[Ex 35:8, 28; Lev 24:1-4




This is a very unique program that allows Christians and ministries in America to become a part of restoring Israel through the planting and harvesting of native olive trees!

You and/or your ministry will receive a designated free plot of land in Israel. Followers of your ministry can enroll for the program and receive a Welcome Kit that includes a certificate of participation, a booklet, and a bottle of natural olive oil from the Galilee orchard.

We will plant on your property in Israel an olive tree sapling on behalf of each believer who joins the program. After the planting, we will send the planting documents to the believer's home, including a personalized planting certificate and a map showing the exact location of his or her sapling.

All the items in the Welcome Kit and the planting documents bear your ministry's name and details.

We will tend to your olive orchard, and in 3 years time - when the saplings have grown enough to produce fruit - we will send each year to the believer's home a package of pure olive oil, extracted from the olives of your orchard, where his or her own personal tree is located.

Order Now What could better then dressing your salad or dipping your bread in pure olive oil from an orchard in Israel were your own olive tree is???

We have plots of land available for you and your ministry's olive orchard in several parts of Israel*

When you join the program, you receive:
  • Certificate of participation  Confirming that the certificate holder is participating in the program and blessing Israel.
  • A bottle of olive oil  17 fl oz of Galilean olive oil of extra virgin quality
  • Booklet  With a variety of material relating to olives trees
  • Planting documents After the sapling has been planted on behalf of the believer, he or she will receive the following items at his home address:
    • Planting Map showing the exact location of the sapling planted on behalf of the believer
    • Personal Planting certificate bearing the believer's name.
    • All materials bearing identifying symbols of your ministry
Jesus Footsteps

Why this program is attractive for the ministry:
  • It is a unique program that can integrate naturally with other ministry content.
  • It strengthens the believer's identification with the ministry and the Holy Land.
  • Concern for the believer's health and well-being - the latest research proves a clear link between consumption of olive oil and a significant decrease in the risks for heart disease.
  • It helps to spread the ministry's word.
  • It creates a regular income stream for the ministry as new believers join the program, and active members continue to make purchases of olive oil over the years.
  • It makes an active contribution to the economy of Israel and the welfare of its citizens.

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Why this program is attractive for the Christian believer:
  • It creates a direct emotional tie between Christian believers and the Holy Land.
  • It creates an incentive to visit Israel, and participate in the olive harvest.
  • It supplies a high quality olive oil, delivered from the Holy Land to the believer's door.
  • It strengthens the Israeli olive industry and helps Israel's farmers to preserve the continuity of the farming environment.

The organizations behind this project
IOOC: The Israeli governmental authority to promote the cultivation of olive oil in Israel.
HLC - The Holy Land Community: The largest platform of its kind for marketing content, projects and products
Footsteps:A new Israeli media corporation directed towards the world Evangelical market.

Price $120 USD