Footsteps Ltd. was founded mid 2007 by Mr. Moshe Bar Zvi ex-President & CEO of The Jerusalem Post Group.

Mr. Bar Zvi was responsible for the launch of the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition early 2006 which became a great success and did strengthen the ties between Christians and Jews around the world.

Footsteps Ltd. is involved in several projects in Israel targeted to the global community of Christian supporters of Israel. The projects, located mainly at the Sea of Galilee and in Jerusalem and are all connected to Old and new Testaments as well as to the Footsteps of Jesus in the Land of the bible.

All projects allows Christians to be involved in Israel under the slogan 'The Hook and not the Fish' means that if you, the believer really careÖ˛ about Israel you better be involved in buying 'made in Israel' products from Zion, and consuming Israeli goods on a regular base. That is much better than donate money for all kind of 'Feed the Hunger' projects.

Footsteps Ltd. is currently operating in the USA and is about to operate soon in Korea, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil.